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NOTE: Time change 6:30pm 

We are starting a prayer and worship night at the church. We are calling it Knightdale House of Prayer and the objective is to Refuel. It will be a time to worship, be refreshed, be prayed for, be prayed over, and to hear from God. We want it to be the most look forward more...

Current Message Series: It's Time

The same God that created the seasons of summer, fall, winter, and spring, created us as well.  And the overview of our lives reveals that our life has seasons too.  Solomon, the wisest of men on earth, penned his observations of life and noticed these seasons.  There are periods of time where we experience life and all that goes with more...

Current Sermon Refuel Current Message Series:  It's Time

Have you ever felt that all churches are the same and that you just don't belong? Our vision at Cross Point Community Church is to provide a relaxed, contemporary environment in which people from all backgrounds may worship and find genuine friendship and community.

Join us this Sunday and be yourself; dress casually and come experience an exciting and unique time of worship.

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Upcoming Events

Sunday - October 26, 2014 -
MSO (Middle School Only) Meeting
Sunday - October 26, 2014 -
Konnect (High School) Meeting

Service Times: Sundays @ 10:00 am 1001 Steeple Square Ct, Knightdale (more info...)