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Cross Point Community Church

We gather in community groups with our friends and neighbors to live life together and experience the gospel in ways we can’t on our own. It is the best way to get to know people at Cross Point and grow in Christ on a more personal level.

A Cross Point Community Group is made up of people who gather regularly to study and discuss the Bible, care for another and seek to intentionally live everyday life alongside one another. These groups meet all across our towns on various nights of the week in homes.

How do you join a group? GroupLink is the primary way to join a group here at Cross Point. GroupLink is an event held periodically when we have new groups which are forming. At GroupLink you are able to meet new group leaders forming a group as well as existing group leaders adding to their group.  

Another way to be connected is to join Connect Group on Wednesdays nights at the church. This is a time to go deeper on the Sundays sermon and to connect with other like minded people. Please check our APP or Website to see when Connect Group is meeting during the year.

From time to time existing groups have vacancies they want to fill. Click on the button below and fill out the form. We will do our best to find a group for you to connect with.

For more information about Community Groups, email, or call her at (757) 636-3351.

Community Group Frequently Asked Questions

What is a community group? Where do community groups meet? How often do groups meet? How long do groups last? How long does a group meeting last? What takes place in a group meeting? What kinds of groups are there? What do groups study? What is there for singles? How much Bible knowledge do I need? What about childcare?

Community Group Hosts

Are you able to open your home to a community group?  You don't have to have a mansion, just a warm and inviting place to welcome people.  All you need is to provide a comfortable place to sit and your group leader will do the rest.  If you would like to sign-up to host a group, please fill out the Community Group Host form.  If you have any additional questions, contact Chris Fields at or by phone (757) 636-3351.

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